Brigada do Mar

BRIGADA DO MAR is a volunteering project that exists since 2008 and was born with the objective of implementing actions to protect biodiversity and perform cleaning interventions in non-franchised coastal areas. These activities are focused on sustainable development, through active participation of the citizens, following principles such as environmental education, natural preservation, promotion of public health and sustainable and healthy life-styles.


Since December 2013, Brigada do Mar is officially a non-governmental environmental organization (NGO) and has 4 main areas interventions:

1. Beach Clean-up in isolated and contaminated areas;

2. Environmental Education and Eco Team building with children, Youngs and Adults;

3. Cooperation for Development with other NGOs at European and Overseas level;

4. Providing learning opportunities for young and adults through European mobility and cooperation projects.


Since 2014 the Brigada do Mar beach cleanups and actions have had the support/sponsorship of the Portuguese President of Republic, which helps us to have a public and official recognition of the importance of the work of our volunteers for civil society.

Ana Rita Seirôco

Tel: +351 936 120 361

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