Climate change

Climate change

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CO2 emission vector concept metaphor

General Objective of the Module

This module aims to address the adverse impacts of climate change on our planet. Learn how climate change negatively affects human health, what adaptation strategies can lessen the impacts, as well as how the European and international Agreements aim to fight it.



  • Topic 1: Climate Change: the biggest health threat
  • Topic 2: Natural Catastrophes
  • Topic 3: European/International Agreements to fight climate change
  • Topic 4: Examples of good practices


Learning Goals

  • To understand how climate change can impact human health
  • To know how noise pollution can impact human health
  • To distinguish the difference between climate change, global warming and weather
  • To understand how natural disasters are related to climate change
  • To outline the EU and International Agreements
  • To know the idea behind these agreements and why they should be implemented nationally and internationally
  • To differentiate what factors can shape and support more sustainable choices
  • To know different good practices related to climate action
  • To understand how different fields can be affected by climate change
Climate change
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