Sustainable communities/Eco-cities

Sustainable communities/Eco-cities

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This module aims to provide learners with more in-depth knowledge of the concept of sustainable communities. It will define and go over different methods, integrated into our society, which allow us to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By observing concepts, such as water and waste management, ecological innovations and more, the module aims to inspire learners to take a more eco-conscious approach in the decision-making process of their everyday lives.

Topics: You will be able to find in this document the following topics:


  1. Eco-innovation & Entrepreneurship
  2. Sustainable Urban Development
  3. Alternative Transportation (emissions-free/electric vehicles and public transportation, alternative ways of transportation)
  4. Waste Management and the 5R’s
  5. Water Managemen, Quality & Access
  6. Examples of good practices

    Learning Goals

    • Introduce the learners to the environment benefits of sustainable products
    • Learning what some of the largest businesses are doing to reduce the footprint
    • The purpose of the lesson is to Inspire learners toward improving their energy efficiency.
    • To define the term “Sustainable Urban Development” and encourage learners to brainstorm of new practices, which can help their cities reach a higher level of sustainable urban development
    • To specify why sustainable transportation should be chosen rather than using a car.
    • To encourage the active use of alternative transportation.
Sustainable communities/Eco-cities

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